“For me, there are two kinds of people: those who love cats, and those who do not. Someone who does not like cats will never become a friend of mine. And the other way round, I can forgive a lot to a cat lover, and shut my eyes to their faults”

                                                               Nadezhda Teffi

Dear friend,

Welcome to the website of Dikanta Cattery. The cattery is registered with CFA and situated in the town Gatchina in Leningradsky region of Russia. We specialise in traditional himalayan colors, including lynx points. Our cats are PKD DNA negative.

The cattery started with the marvellous cats GC Karabel’s Qur Cera Cera, Brigantina Smoky Rose, Brigantina Platinum from Irina Mishina (Moscow), my little beauty Brigantina Fire Fox, and GC Luba’cats you can trust me – a wonderful boy from Lubov Vladykina’s cattery Luba’cats. Some of these cats have retired and are now happy pensioners. They live in my house and will always be with me as my dear friends. Now in the cattery there are their children, who have inherited their beauty, friendly and loving personality, good health and excellent genetic potential. Many thanks Fabio Giannini and Paolo Gori. ST.JUDE VYCRIL OF DIKANTA – lovely boy.

Every breeder dreams of producing star kittens who will shine at cat shows. And I am no exception. But my biggest dream is to bring to life happy and healthy kittens, who will be loved and well cared for, and who will never become homeless or have to rove from one owner to another.

I used a picture of Nadya Warthen-Gibson for website design. Thank you very much, Nadya (Nadya Warthen-Gibson http://www.war-gib.com/)